Alamosa Air Show No More

Yesterday, someone requested if I knew when the Alamosa air show was going to happen. I though it would be late July. I contact a friend to see what he has heard. The sad news is there won’t be one next year and there is no plan has of yet to bring it back. I think it’s very sad. The closest one would be in Canyon City on September 16. I’m not sure what we can do, but it would be nice to bring this back into our San Luis Valley!!! If anyone knows what to do, or why they have stopped, feel free to share that in the comments below.


  1. Jeff Owsley
    Jeff Owsley says:

    There is a chance to bring it back, but it will take new leadership. I had some hints that there are discussions going around to bring it back, so if anyone wants to help I’m sure it would be appreciated!

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