Always double check

Life is busy and I didn’t have the time for a while to go out a shot some pictures for myself. Last Saturday, after finishing some work on the roof, under the staircase or doing some business in Antonito, I was exhausted. That evening, I took my daughter with me and headed to Del Norte to try to take some sunset pictures. I was also hoping to have her get a new interest in photography. No a lot of things went right that evening!

Not a lot of things went right that evening! First, my daughter came with me just to make sure we would stop by Sonic on the way back and enjoy the half-price after 8 pm. That wasn’t so bad even though it would have been nice to share that interest with my kids. The second part is the worse. When we arrive in Del Norte, I realized my whole camera bag stayed home. I ended up shooting with a simple point and shoot camera. If that ever happen to one of you, then you knew how I felt. The sunset was gorgeous then and I was only hoping to be the same the next evening.

So that next day I went alone WITH my camera but this time the sunset wasn’t as nice as the previous evening. I took a few pictures like this one, not my greatest, but still a new picture. However, we think we know what we are doing, ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK!!! I could have had awesome pictures, instead, I’ve learned a lesson I thought I’ve learned many times already.



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