Always learning – 2 new Godox products

If you are looking into using artificial to enhance your pictures, you have lots of options. Some really expensive, some too cheaply made, and finally, others that just do the right job for the right amount of money. Godox (Flashpoint, Cheetahstand, Pixapro, etc) is in that territory, they have been very creative lately with their products and I would like to share with you 2 products.

The first one is a flash for your phone Godox A1. For now, we know it will be for iPhones but there is no reason it won’t come to Android. Godox hasn’t given any information on that yet. What you get is a transmitter that can fire any of the latest flash/strobe made by Godox. It will allow you to take greater portraits and be more creative. I think it’s a great solution for phone photography. The only down side is that the shutter speed seems to be limited to 1/30s which isn’t very fast at all, but that product is going in the right direction and we’ll have to see the real test to make our conclusion.

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The second product is the Godox AD-B2, which allows you to mount 2 Godox AD200 into one mount. The Godox AD200 ($300) is a small portable medium flash/strobe with its own battery. The AD-B2 is a mount that can connect a stand, AD200s, and any Bowen diffuser. This video explains very well what it is for and gives example on how to use them.


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