A long hike

This was an unexpected, we turned around and saw this waterfall. Well, it did look smaller at the time so we decided to head that way. The trail didn’t exist, we knew a few went there but most of it, we had to make our trail. We ended crossing a creek so we could get closer to it. We hike for a while, going up and down the mountain several times but we made it. Who said photography wasn’t an exercise all to itself?

11,760 feet

11,760 feet high. We thought we could get there by truck but the top of the mountain still had snow. We had to climb hard and we could feel the rarity of the oxygen. The view was just amazing. We’ll have to get back and take a sunrise and sunset pictures there once the snow is gone.

Exploring day

Finally, the day came where we could both go out and explore an area. We had a few places we wanted to check out while leaving open to anything that could seem interesting. We went to an overlook at 11,760 ft. Due to the snow that was still on top, we had to hike part of the way. It was getting harder to breathe up there. We got some anything pictures and you will see some during the next few days and weeks.

I had located a waterfall, of course, I had to go check it out and it was amazing as you can see here. Getting into some hard spots with different filters, something bad had to happen. Lucky it wasn’t the worse. I didn’t fall, neither did my camera but I did lose my CPL and ND 0.6 filters. I would have checked my filters, I would have found out they were getting loose and I could have avoided this. A lesson for next time.

Also, looking behind us, we saw another waterfall. We decided to go explore. It was a hard hike. You will see pictures next week.

Living with the dead

Beautiful mountains go through our wonderful Colorado state with many rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. A few years ago, a disease hot the trees and they started dying. I can only imagine the beauty it once with everything living around this gorgeous lake and grass. Nevertheless, we could almost picture it looking at this photography. Nature will keep growing. Sometimes thru a fire to clean itself up. Beauty will always be beauty no matter the marks of the past.

Cold breeze

We all want summer, the warms and long days. Me, on the other side, anything beyond 80 degrees and I’m melting. With the heat coming up this week and reaching over 90 this weekend. I had to look back at sometimes where a cold breeze was just perfect. This one was just perfect. I remember going around Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge and stopping at several of the stretches of water and capturing the morning clouds.

Just for you

It seems you my mountain landscape are pretty well liked. I went back to some older pictures and brought you one from the past. This one was taken around Independence Pass if my memory is correct. That area is really nice to photograph especially if you can get some good glad formation up in the sky.

I’m hoping to be able to go back and take a photo trip to clear my head and get some more amazing pictures of what I saw.  Also, I’m trying to work on some articles for this blog. I hope to be able to finish one up next week regarding the evolution of RAW Photo Editor. If you are interested in specific photography subject, just drop a comment and I will work on it.

To infinity and beyond

Mountaintops give you such a nice view of nature’s fierce history of the earth. All of those history events are made by force but of different kinds. Some rocks pushing against each other with long lasting brute force and shaking violently. Others, move slowly through the rocks to calm and soothe them down along the way, creating huge canyons before dying slowly into a small river. All of that brings colors and contrast to what we see from up there. It’s so beautiful. There aren’t many great landscapes without any physical force from our part to reach the top and see nature’s marvelous work.

I love landscape and enjoy as much the journey to go and immortalize them. If I take the time, I can either get sunset and sunrise. The light then embellishes the view. With its warm colors both on the ground and in the sky, pink and orange changes what we normally see. I need to be doing that more this summer, just hoping to have the time to do so.

Always double check

Life is busy and I didn’t have the time for a while to go out a shot some pictures for myself. Last Saturday, after finishing some work on the roof, under the staircase or doing some business in Antonito, I was exhausted. That evening, I took my daughter with me and headed to Del Norte to try to take some sunset pictures. I was also hoping to have her get a new interest in photography. No a lot of things went right that evening!

Not a lot of things went right that evening! First, my daughter came with me just to make sure we would stop by Sonic on the way back and enjoy the half-price after 8 pm. That wasn’t so bad even though it would have been nice to share that interest with my kids. The second part is the worse. When we arrive in Del Norte, I realized my whole camera bag stayed home. I ended up shooting with a simple point and shoot camera. If that ever happen to one of you, then you knew how I felt. The sunset was gorgeous then and I was only hoping to be the same the next evening.

So that next day I went alone WITH my camera but this time the sunset wasn’t as nice as the previous evening. I took a few pictures like this one, not my greatest, but still a new picture. However, we think we know what we are doing, ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK!!! I could have had awesome pictures, instead, I’ve learned a lesson I thought I’ve learned many times already.


25 seconds at Big Meadow

Long exposures are always fun to play! So I plugged in my ND filter on my Canon FD 24mm f2.8, set them on a tripod. After different tries, I found out the 25 seconds mark worked perfectly with my other exposure settings. My ISO was at 100 while I used the biggest F-stop of 22.

We walked all the way around the lake to take that picture and that took more than 25 seconds to get there! My daughter decided to get in the water and she didn’t complain about how cold it was. We had a good time walking around and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Arriving at the right time

Following my post of last week, and for those who didn’t see it, here’s the picture I was talking about. We were there at the right time. Always with me, my Canon 24mm f2.8 on my Sony Nex 6. I also decided to use my ND filter. I allowed me to use a slower shutter speed so make the ray of light stand out. Arriving at the right time was more luck than anything, but don’t we all love luck!

In post processing, I have deepened the shadows area to really bring that rock in the foreground. I just used the Nik Collection software, the HDR to Color Efex Pro.

Excursion to the unkown

A few years ago, I started an interest in finding and photographing all the waterfalls surrounding the San Luis Valley. I had done lots of research and found several of them. Though little information is given about them.

So one day, after I found a location of one, or more the possible location it might be, my friend and I decided to head that way. The drive was interesting and I only had my small GPS with me. Bringing a real map wasn’t something I thought about but something I will do next time. We found a place to work and went on our way. It seems easy enough going down the mountain but the thought of coming back up didn’t feel that great. Looks like if you have a Jeep, you could make it down and over the boulders on the way. The walk was long and often we wondered if we were not just photographer going for a hike.

Finally, we end up seeing the waterfall from far away, on the other side of this large creek. Being in May we knew the water was going to be very cold! We walk down the mountain and looked for a path to cross that was pretty narrow. The river bed and it was filled with rocks and the water was moving fast. We took off our socks, put our shoes back on and here we went. The second your feet under the water you know you have to cross as quick as possible with falling in with all your precious equipment.

After our shoes have “dried”, we continue our journey but we know we are getting really close. We could hear the waterfall now. When we got there the sun was just coming past the rocks on to of the waterfall, it allowed us to get some good effects on some pictures. Once the sun passed the interesting point, we decided to head home.

We wanted to look for an easier path to cross the creek, sadly we ended up crossing that same creek 3 times! It was hot so it wasn’t so bad. After that, here we went back up the mountain, up and up until we could get back in the truck.  By the time we got home it was early afternoon and we were exhausted. Editing the pictures only happened the following day.

Finding motivation

For sure, it happened to all of us. We lost interest in photography. The easy to overcome that, we think, is to buy more gear which is usually a new lens. That’s called G.A.S. and I’ll write an article on that later on. But for now, what else can we do to get back on enjoying photography?

There is something so much more easy, cheaper and for sure more enjoyable! Go take some pictures with a photographer friend! Yes, it’s that simple.

I’ve been going with my friend Bob for several years now. We both used to own Nikon’s camera and we both made a switch to Sony mirrorless. What is nice about that is we can exchange our equipment and also share the knowledge of our cameras. In this picture, for example, Bob borrowed my Canon 80-200mm F4 L lens on his Sony A7 while I borrowed his Canon 135mm F2.8. It’s a lens I’m considering to buy so it was nice to give it a shot!

Not only that, we get to explore new areas together. Sometimes forcing each other to get up early to get that perfect shot. It’s a great way to stay motivated and to try things you wouldn’t have on your own. Also, you get to talk a lot about photography, camera gear, and editing pictures. What is interesting to see is how our pictures come out differently even though we took the same subject in our pictures. We are just a few feet apart, but the framing isn’t always the same. Editing the picture is different too.

It’s something I enjoy a lot and it gives me a break to the normal stressful life we all live.

Recently I have met with another photographer and we’re going to include him. I’m meeting someone else tonight and I hope we could make our group bigger. Also, I have my longest friend I wish one day we would have the time to do that too.

Passion should be shared. Photographer often thinks the only way is to post pictures. Sometimes, and more often that not, it’s in creating the picture I get the most out of sharing my passion.