Source of life

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go do a family shoot. The wind was mice with us the most part. We stopped at two waterfalls including the famous North Clear Creek Falls you see right here. It has been a long time I went back that way and I think it’s the best picture of that fall so far I have taken. I’ve only used Lightroom on this one with classic dodge and burn method. It’s always nice to get back to the basics with a picture like that!

Melting ice

That day was cold. I had a shirt, light sweater, and a hoody. The model on the other hand only had summer clothing. Tara posed like nothing was bothering her. She looks warm here but that’s just because I changed the while balance. I cannot wait to work with her again with that Indian outfit.

End of a season

While the fall season is slowly ending and the winder is arriving rapidly, some youth are slowly ending a part of their life with high school while adulthood decisions are arriving rapidly. Most of them are glad this time is finally coming while parents being happy as well, cannot help by being saddened. They are losing the last remnants of their little child and gaining the trust, love, and affection of an adult they have helped build. With all the mix feeling a parent may have to go through this year, proud would be the best one to describe what they really feel.

Antonito to Chama

It was a wonderful ride with amazing sight!!! The staff was so nice with us and we got to learn a lot on the way to Chama. The lunch was fabulous. If you haven’t take the train yet from Antonito, just plan to do so soon. Otherwise, plan it for next year. It’s worth doing, it will take you a full day and you won’t regret the time.

Darker mood

New people come to your life and they all bring you something different. This is the case of Elizabeth Dupont who’s a model with a more darker, gothic style. She’s beautiful, talented with her makeup. I’m glad I get to work with her. We have a few different shoots already planned. I’m so glad I have different models who can bring me so much and allow me to work on different styles. Thank you to all of you 3!

Burning sun

Like everyone else, I love fall. No so much the beginning or the end of it but just at the right time. When the leaves are yellow with some orange in it with the trees full of them.  The next best part of fall is when all the leaves have fallen covering the ground with the last breath of the trees. I’m going to want to do some pictures when that time will come, so keep checking my page to get see when those will come out.

My newest model

In the past month or so, I have been lucky. Several people have contacted me to model in front of my camera. I have been looking forward to that for a long time and I’m glad it’s finally happening! Tara is amazing to work with and we managed to get some beautiful picture. We spend an hour in the beautiful town of Del Norte and despise to cold she managed to perform admirably. Cannot wait for our next photoshoot! We have some great projects lined up.

Overlook Mountain

This was an incredible view, it just stops you when you see it. With our dear deep blue Colorado sky, the red rocks on the mountain with its peculiar formation and the green and yellow from the early fall trees. It was a hard picture to edit since it has lots of contrast but I didn’t want to be too contrasty and make this picture look fake. I hope I succeed in that and show you what I really saw there!

Amazing colors of fall

It has been a long time, but my friend and I managed to finally have a day to go and take some pictures. We went to Summerville and took the long route. We left Del Norte, went to Summerville, through Platoro for lunch and finished through Antonito. The day was long a really unprepared but we managed to see amazing places and get great pictures. This is just one of many! Happy fall to all!

New class 101 – Master your camera for beginners

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Nature beyond our time

Nature can always surprise us with its beauty. Sometimes, it shows self-made structure that could have been used by mankind. In the foreground, we can see what could have been once the beginning of a bridge or platform. The rocks are telling a story, reminders of what once was. Were guards standing there watching the horizon? Merchant going across the old creek to make fortunes? Or was it just a place for wolves to howl at the moon? Nature is just so perfect to start a new story of old, real or not, it keeps make us wonder.

Woman in the castle

Those are the kind of portrait I love. A mix of shadow and light. Beautiful scene. Awesome clothing and jewelry. Interesting pose. Gorgeous model. We did another quick photo session and came out with some amazing pictures. I’m glad I get to do that with my friend and I hope we’ll get to do some more!

Together forever

Once the weather will warm up again next year, those 2 friends will bond their love forever. Javier and Krista have known each other for a long time. They have opened their own business together The Wet Paintbrush and are having a wonderful success! The photoshoot for their engagement was amazing. I will be just sharing this one. I will let them share other pictures in their invitation to you for their wedding day.

Still from a quick photoshoot

During my lunch break, I was just doing a photo shoot with my friend Malissa. We took some great pictures for that short time we had. This is my favorite one! I love her hair and the look she has in her eyes. Cannot wait to take more! If you are ever interested in some pictures, please contact me through facebook.

Today I would rather…

Today, I would rather be doing that than being behind a desk all day. Just want to do more manly things with the only purpose to have fun! We all have those days. My job isn’t bad but for sure I don’t get the same thrill as I would have driving a car like that! It’s good to dream a bit.

Last ray of sunshine

In the last few weeks, I have been veru busy doing portraits for friends and models. I do enjoy it a lot but I haven’t had the chance to take any landscape for a while. Luckly, one of the photoshoot happened in the evening. I got to see the beginning of a sunset, right before the sun got to hide behind the clouds. It was nice to get back to my roots and just enjoy the beauty our planet has to offer.

Lady of the lake

It is so much fun to shoot with professional models who have experience. We went to a waterfall and we had to jump from rock to rock to get there. A bit risky but it was so worth it! The dark waters with her green eyes and her hair on fire really made her stand out out of the picture. I cannot wait for our next photoshoot!

Visiting the Sand Dunes

Saturday was a special day for me. It was the first time I was going to shoot with professional models. We had picked the Sand Dunes and a waterfall as a location for our shoot. I arrived early and took a few pictures of the Sand Dunes. It was a lovely day. We walked a way in the sand and also over creeks to reach the waterfall. Later on, you’ll see pictures of that.

Don’t fall

That what your parents would say if you were standing right there! I didn’t fall but lost some equipment that fell off my camera. I’ll never see them again but I still have the pictures and my camera. This waterfall is amazing. There is a trail that goes down and I really hope to be able to take it one day. I’m sure there are other waterfalls down below. A plan for this fall or maybe next summer. As I have been saying, exploring is always fun and I cannot wait to do it more.

The old pathway

When we arrived at the lake, those mountains looked so massive and ancient. We all know that’s what mountains are, but the feeling was different. This lake and the valley surrounded by them made everything different. Of course, the storm was helping create a different atmosphere. This scenery seems to come out straight from the movies. I think they should come and do a Jurrasic Park movie there.

One time, I want to go through that path, in between the mountains, a see what’s over there. It seems like it would just be nature that no one has seen before.