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Flying away

Nothing more than having a human come walking towards you to finally wake you up! Everywhere we go among our long journeys, we find them. Trying to get close to us, holding those black things in front of their heads. They just stand there, some for hours while other follow us through the day.

Starting tomorrow, it should be worth since they are starting a festival for us! Cannot to move to the next place. At least there they will leave us alone for a little while before they start doing their our festival there. It’s annoying!

At least, we have our wings and our freedom is found in the sky.

Split toning

An easy way to change the color tone of an image is to play with split toning. Most of the camera app you have on your phone provide those kinds of filters. With Lightroom, I created my own and was able to change this picture who had too much magenta and yellow. I added more blue and gold colors in the highlight and shadow area. It gives a different look to the image without being unnatural. Something it needs to be applied slightly on portraits but for landscape, it can be more artistic.

I think I’ll have one or 2 more from that photoshoot that I will post. I really enjoyed working with Alycia and that location was amazing!

Mini photoshoot with Alycia

Mini photoshoots are fun, I usually can do those during my lunch break. I get to meet new people and discover new locations.  Yesterday, I finally met Alycia after discussing several options for a location. We picked that one at the last minute and I think it turns out great. We got lots of different pictures. Hopefully, I’ll get to do more pictures with her, we have a few plans and see how things go.

I was using my trusted Fuji and switch between the 23mm and the 56mm. Portrait editing takes longer than landscape due to all the details that need to be looked at.

Sandhill Cranes

The Sandhill Cranes come by my house every morning and evening and stay on the field next to us. They aren’t very quiet, maybe the kids are complaining about their food. At least mine always do! I didn’t think a picture there would be nice since the landscape there is just fields.

On my way to work, I always see them standing at a large pond. Even though it’s right next to the road, they don’t move when I drive by. This morning, I finally decided to stop right before the pond and use my camera. Seeing me standing there made them feel insecure. They decided to flow away in small groups at a time. Perfect for me! It made the pictures even better.

Of course being able to get closer to them would have been nice too. The other option would be a bigger telephoto lens, don’t worry, it cost less than $2000! If all of you got together for my birthday, I could have it without any hassle.

I was happy with my setup, my beloved Fuji X-T2, my old manual lens the Canon 80-200mm F4 L and my freezing hands! Did a few edits with my Lightroom 6.


I love black and white, it offers great contrast. For portraits, it seems like we can see more the person than using the colored version. For social media, it’s always better to keep colors. Colors like blue and orange are always the most appealing and more likely to get ‘liked’. Photography isn’t all about that, even though the business part of it is. Photography is a form of art, sometimes it seems the easier type of art, and other times it’s the complete opposite. For me, I find it easier to work with. I wasn’t always good at drawing or painting but I think I may have to look into that again. Art if a form of expression, of what you see through your eyes. Most often than not, it’s what you see through your mind and imagination. It’s an interpretation. In order to create that, I think photography can be very complicated and time-consuming. Photographers don’t always use that form of art and instead create made up memory.

The doll

Looking at pictures I have taken of my daughter, I found this one. She just looks like a doll! It was the few times in her life when she had short hair. She did that on her own a few times. She looks great both in short and long hair but always better when someone else does it for her. Those who are close to us have known those few stories.

I was using my new and now old Sony camera at the time and started experiment with studio light. I still love that picture and have one similar to that on the mantle of our fireplace. There is one of her brother as well, he doesn’t seem to be that interested to pose for me!

My daughter

It has been a while since I took pictures of my kids, not that I’m not willing to. Like most photographers, usually, our kids don’t want to be our models. When they do they don’t try to pose the way we ask them to. This past Christmas, Kim Marquez took our family pictures and propose to use my daughter has a model. Of course, my daughter got in trouble since she didn’t want to do that for me! We waited for the right time and the right weather and we headed to Bob’s place to take a few pictures. With her, the photoshoot was short but we did manage to get some great pictures of her and her personality, which make it even better!

I love how the colors came out, her dress really stand out! Maybe next time I’ll have to try to shoot at something else than F1.2. It does a beautiful bokeh but I think I could get a bit more sharpness at F2.

Last of a serie

I have loved working with Erika during that photoshoot, cannot wait to do another one with her! I f any of you are interested to do 40 minutes long photoshoot during my lunch break in Alamosa, please contact me. We’ll see what type of projects we could work together on. Even though it’s winter, we have been lucky enough to have warm days. Let us them!

Natural Arch

It has been a while since I had the chance to go take some landscape with my friend Bob. Even though the weather didn’t look amazing, we went out anyway. It was Saturday, we knew a storm was coming in the afternoon, so we went in the morning. We first thought about going to Elephant rock but decided to head to Natural Arch. We hoped we would have less wind there. We were so wrong. At the beginning of the hike, it was fine, but the closer we were from the top, the worse it got. Once there, we had a view of the valley floor and could see more interesting clouds.

I ended up using my Fuji X-T2, an old Canon 80-200mm F4 and my Lightroom 6 to edit the RAW file.

Warm days in winter

We all wished we would be having more moisture, being able to see the valley floor covered with snow. On the good side, it’s warm enough to have the opportunity to photograph beautiful people. This is one of Erika’s favorite picture and it was the first one I took during our short photoshoot. I’m hoping to have the chance to do another one with her, she’s amazing to work with.

I really love my new camera, Fuji is everything they say about it. The pictures come out almost perfect SOOC and little of retouching is really needed.

The beard

Saturday, towards the end of the afternoon, my friend and photographer Angelica and I met together to take the pictures of the same model. We had another friend Jessica who came to help us with the diffuser and learn more the world of photography. Our model was Brian, it was awesome working with him since he had had previous modeling experience. For me, it was great to photograph a man for a change. Of course, his beard had nothing to do with to his quality as a model!

With my new camera, I love the pictures I’m getting Straight Out Of the Camera or SOOC as photographers call it. Though I’m still shooting in RAW since I may want to do some artistic retouch here and there, but even that is very small.

Erika Garcia

Meet Erika Garcia, we have been trying to work together for a few month and yesterday we finally managed to do a quick photoshoot. We have another planned next week hopefully. Later on, we’ll plan on doing a concept shoot. One of this days, I might need to plan a photoshoot with my different models, that could be fun! Three of them are local, one that you haven’t seen on my page yet, and I have 2 more in Colorado. I need to find a man model, women are great but it would be really interesting to work with one.

One of the purposes of that shoot was also to test my new camera and lens. I shot everything at f1.2 and I’m really amazed at the result. Though, f1.2 can be too narrow for portraits but great if you want to be creative!

Shadows over the mountains

Cloudy day, misty morning and suddenly the sun starts to break through and covers the mountains with the shadows of the cloud above. You could still smell the wet grass. The wind blows slowly on your face reminding of the coldness of the previous night. The shadows move over the mountains and define all hills, cracks, and rocks. You can see everything. Your senses are awake and your mind travels down your own past to discover again the beauty of your young childhood. The memory of your grandparents garden and the smell of it after the rain, it all comes back. Throughout the day, you think again about that garden, about those happy and very simple moments and wonder.

Am I creating those memories for my own child? Am I too busy with work and the hypocrisy of that so called social media? What memories am I creating for them? I hope it’s not absence, or even worse forgotten. Is love just a feeling or is it a willing sacrifice? Many questions for a Monday morning, but maybe I need to try to answer some of them this week!

Hidden in plain sight

A mystery waterfall that we found while seeking for another waterfall. That was a good day! More hicking that planned. I always have my ND filters with me and I used them for this picture. I was carrying my tripod as well, which is sadly too heavy, I need to look for a lighter one this summer with all the hiking and waterfall hunting I have planned.

I really need to be taking some new pictures, winter makes that process a lot slower. If you are looking for some, we can always meet during my lunch break near Adams State University.

Rolling mountains

I love rolling hills, we don’t have much of those in the center of the valley. You get closer to the mountains and you can start seeing them. Further you will go, more you will see and if you venture far enough the rolling hills will be as big as mountains. That’s what I like about Colorado, the adventures, the discoveries, the unique places from a different earth. During the winter, the adventure diminishes and you feel closed in. It’s a good time to learn and improve our skills, open our minds to new pathways for knowledge and acceptance.

New year goals never really worked for me. If I have been thinking of something for a year, I know if I get to it I won’t let it go. I started Jiu-Jitsu, meeting some great people there who pushes and trains me to be better. I come home with sore muscles, bruises, and sometimes pain. Turning around in my bed has become difficult because of that. Sometimes, I drive to Jiu-Jitsu and stay in my car wondering if it’s really worth it to go out on the mat. Though, I think I have reached a point where I’m not only liking the time spend there but also starting to grave for it. After 20 years behind a desk, it’s really nice to push my body to do something it’s not used to and transform that fluffiness into something with more strength and endurance.

Soft light

Right before the sunset was about to start, the clouds provided that soft light with a still warm sun. The sun lighted up all the changing leaves while keeping the pin trees fairly dark. Sometimes, you get good pictures because you have your camera at the right time and right place. Is it luck? In somewhat yes, but in other ways, you are ready to be lucky since you have your camera with you.

Like most, I like to go hiking and enjoy the different views with my own eyes and like to travel freely. And again, I love capturing those moments and which means carrying my camera and diverse lens, filters, and accessories. I don’t get to hike as freely as I would want to but I get to capture the beauty in front of me and share it with all of you. I think I like that last part even more.

Always have your camera with you! It’s a habit to get used to doing but it will be worth it. It’s better to take a picture of mediocre quality than none at all, use your phone too!

Dream of the deep

I love the mountains, the valley we are in and all of its secrets that can be found if you dare for an adventure! I have discovered so many great places and so many planned for this summer, I know I won’t even have had the chance to see half of it. But what I miss some days in the water, not a creek but the ocean. I’ve never lived near it but I do miss it for some reason. I love the reflection you get off of it and all its different colors you can see through the sunset and sunrises.

This picture was taken while I was getting a PACS training in Florida. We took a few hours to enjoy the cost and I tried my first long exposure photography that I tried to steady on wet sand. I should have done the exposure longer than I did to really get a smoothing effect but I love the mix of smooth and power you see in this image.

Mystical find

It was a year ago or so, early spring, once the snow had melted than we decided to go and explore. I’ve heard of a waterfall in that area and decided it would be great to go find it. I didn’t calculate that well the distance we would have to cover or the number of times we would have to cross a wide and cold creek. At one point of our march, we did manage to see it far away. We had to hurry, the sun was rising up and soon would be right on top of the fall. Not a good situation for pictures or at least what I had in mind. Our walk became faster and we had to cross that same creek one more time again! We managed to get there and managed to be there at the right time. I’ve used my ND filter which helps those sun ray to show as well as they did. Carrying a tripod isn’t always fun, but I was so glad I did that this time. Crossing that creek was worth it even though I almost fell in a few times with all my equipment.


Going over a few pictures I took last year and transforming them into a new technic for black and white. I really love how the black areas are so dark and leaving plenty of light to show the beautiful Tara. Working with different models allows you do different types of pictures since they each bring their own style, some of them have become really good friends. I cannot wait to work with her again on a project. Interesting enough, this same project has been demanded by another person to my photographer friend. It will be really interesting what each of us will come up with to create our concept shoot.

A long hike

I’m not sure if I posted this pictures before. I try to post a picture only once. If I did with this one, well this time I fix the white balance in the shadows to get the proper colors.

I knew of a waterfall in that area but I wasn’t sure exactly where and especially how to get there. We ended walking up and down the mountains to find out an easier way was available to us. Going was easy, going back up took some effort but nothing that was impossible.

It might be a waterfall that we’ll go visit again even though it’s not part of the San Luis Valley.