Changes on the way

For those who have been following my page, you must have seen that I haven’t been posting much lately. I have been busy with a few things and didn’t have the time to keep on. Don’t worry, all is good and better.

I have been working in healthcare for the last 10 years and in 3 different organizations. I’ve enjoyed my time there but I think it is time for a change. This old picture will tell you all I moved to Adams State University as a System Administrator. Pretty much, it’s the same thing I have been doing for years with new tools and challenge that I gladly welcome.

Regarding my photography business, I am still doing senior and family pictures and of course, my classes will start again in January/February. What’s new is I partner with a great friend and talent photographer! We already have worked together on a few projects including our latest one with the Town of Monte Vista and the holiday celebration. She’s pushing, in a very good way, to become better and perfecting my skills in portraiture. Next year we’ll be working on several weddings and other numerous projects.

It’s not all, more is to come this month including a brand new profile which will bring a different look for sure! Let’s keep in touch.

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