Christmas photoshoot

Kendra has been a friend for a long time, we have worked together in the past and I have learned to know her lovely family. We have done a few photoshoot together, and this time, she came to me for a family Christmas shoot. She shared a few pictures with me of what she wanted. The project sounded amazing and knowing how she likes to perfect her plans, I know I had to do it.

When I arrived, the bedroom already looked amazing. I started setting up the lights and doing a few test shot while the final touch up where put in place by Kendra and her Mom. Final discussion going over all the pictures she wanted and the rest of the family arrived. The photoshoot could start! Everyone was just amazing, even the kids managed to have wonderful moments that made those pictures even better.

It’s nice to be able to participate in such event with this beautiful and loving family. As always, I won’t be sharing all the pictures, but you will see a couple be Christmas comes!

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