Classes & Workshop schedule

 Class Dates Time Cost Pay
101 - Master the camera April 10 ,17 and 24 6.30 pm until 8.30 pm $120


101 - Master the camera

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Exposure and histogram | Dynamic range and HDR | Metering and Focus modes | Composition rules and guidelines | Exposure Triangle: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture (f-stop) | Low and fast shutter speed situation | Different ways to control the depth of field | Night sky and Macro photography | Review of filters, tripods, and lens.
Level: Beginner
Duration: 3 parts of 2 hours each
Cost: $120 for 6 hours and a summary booklet

102 - Photo Editing

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Using Adobe Lightroom | Importing pictures from camera | Organize pictures in folders and how to find them | Getting the right exposure | Expending the dynamic range | Recovering Highlight and Shadows | Adding details and removing noise | Convert in black and white | Split toning and other color adjustment | Export pictures for print and social media
Level: Beginner
Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $30

201 - Master the light

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Using flash on camera | Light attachment, diffusers, and reflectors | Inverse square law | Three-point lighting setup | Basic light setup for portrait | How does a flash work with a camera | Using the flash with natural lights | Using gels and High Speed Sync or ND filters | 2-3 hours Workshop on Product and Portrait photography.
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 3 parts of 2 hours each
Cost: $180 for 6 hours and a summary booklet

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623 East 4th St, Alamosa, CO - Use back door



  • Payment must be submitted a week prior to the first class by cash or check to the order of "Yael DeFaye".
  • If you cannot attend to one part of the class, you are welcome to come back to that specific part in the next 12 month for free. Only classes are provided with a booklet, workshops are not.
  • If you lose your booklet, please contact me and I will get you one in exchange of $15.
  • The cost is non-refundable.