Schedule and Payment

Next classes will start in January/February 2018!!!

101 - Master the camera

Outline: Exposure and histogram | Dynamic range and HDR | Metering and Focus modes | Composition rules and guidelines | Exposure Triangle: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture (f-stop) | Low and fast shutter speed situation | Different ways to control the depth of field | Night sky and Macro photography | Review of filters, tripods, and lens
Level: Beginner
Duration: 3 parts of 2 hours each
Cost: $120 for 6 hours and a summary booklet
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102 - RAW Photo Editing

Outline: Importing pictures from camera | Organize pictures in folders and how to find them | Getting the right exposure | Expending the dynamic range | Recovering Highlight and Shadows | Adding details and removing noise | Convert in black and white | Split toning and other color adjustment | Export pictures for print and social media
Level: Beginner
Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $30
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201 - Master the light

Outline: Using flash on camera | Light attachment, diffusers, and reflectors | Inverse square law | Three point lighting setup | Basic light setup for portrait | How does a flash work with a camera | Using the flash with natural lights | Using gels and High Speed Sync or ND filters | 2-3 hours Workshop on Product and Portrait photography
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 3 parts of 2 hours each
Cost: $180 for 6-7 hours and a summary booklet
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301 - Master your vision

Outline: Use complementary colors to improve the contrast of the image | Use depth in the picture to avoid a flat look | Direct the viewer's eyes to what you want them to see | Learn Ansel Adams zone system for pictures well exposed and balanced | Define your own style by learning from other photographers | Business and Social Media overview
Level: Advanced
Duration: 3 parts of 2 hours each
Cost: $250 for 6 hours and a summary booklet
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302 - Photoshop

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Several classes and workshops are available to help both hobbyists developing their passion and help professional photographers increase their business and premium values.

The 100 series – beginner level
Includes 101 – Master the camera and 102 – Photo editing cover the usage of the camera, understanding exposure, and composition as well as photo editing just like the old film development used to offer.

The 200 series – intermediate level
Both 201 – Master the light and 202 – Posing and directing explain how to position and control the light to offer a premium look for your portrait sessions. Also, a workshop to better understand posing and directing for photographers and aspiring models.

The 300 series – advanced level
The last two 301 – Master your vision and 302 – Photoshop will teach you how to develop your own style and go through some business and social aspect to grow your business. finishing with a workshop to study the famous Photoshop program.

Payment is not refundable.

If you cannot attend to one part of the class, you are welcome to come back to that specific part in the next 12 month for free. 

Only classes are provided with a booklet, workshops are not. If you lose your booklet, please contact me and I will get you one in exchange of $15.

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