I love black and white, it offers great contrast. For portraits, it seems like we can see more the person than using the colored version. For social media, it’s always better to keep colors. Colors like blue and orange are always the most appealing and more likely to get ‘liked’. Photography isn’t all about that, even though the business part of it is. Photography is a form of art, sometimes it seems the easier type of art, and other times it’s the complete opposite. For me, I find it easier to work with. I wasn’t always good at drawing or painting but I think I may have to look into that again. Art if a form of expression, of what you see through your eyes. Most often than not, it’s what you see through your mind and imagination. It’s an interpretation. In order to create that, I think photography can be very complicated and time-consuming. Photographers don’t always use that form of art and instead create made up memory.

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