Excursion to the unkown

A few years ago, I started an interest in finding and photographing all the waterfalls surrounding the San Luis Valley. I had done lots of research and found several of them. Though little information is given about them.

So one day, after I found a location of one, or more the possible location it might be, my friend and I decided to head that way. The drive was interesting and I only had my small GPS with me. Bringing a real map wasn’t something I thought about but something I will do next time. We found a place to work and went on our way. It seems easy enough going down the mountain but the thought of coming back up didn’t feel that great. Looks like if you have a Jeep, you could make it down and over the boulders on the way. The walk was long and often we wondered if we were not just photographer going for a hike.

Finally, we end up seeing the waterfall from far away, on the other side of this large creek. Being in May we knew the water was going to be very cold! We walk down the mountain and looked for a path to cross that was pretty narrow. The river bed and it was filled with rocks and the water was moving fast. We took off our socks, put our shoes back on and here we went. The second your feet under the water you know you have to cross as quick as possible with falling in with all your precious equipment.

After our shoes have “dried”, we continue our journey but we know we are getting really close. We could hear the waterfall now. When we got there the sun was just coming past the rocks on to of the waterfall, it allowed us to get some good effects on some pictures. Once the sun passed the interesting point, we decided to head home.

We wanted to look for an easier path to cross the creek, sadly we ended up crossing that same creek 3 times! It was hot so it wasn’t so bad. After that, here we went back up the mountain, up and up until we could get back in the truck.  By the time we got home it was early afternoon and we were exhausted. Editing the pictures only happened the following day.

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