Exploring day

Finally, the day came where we could both go out and explore an area. We had a few places we wanted to check out while leaving open to anything that could seem interesting. We went to an overlook at 11,760 ft. Due to the snow that was still on top, we had to hike part of the way. It was getting harder to breathe up there. We got some anything pictures and you will see some during the next few days and weeks.

I had located a waterfall, of course, I had to go check it out and it was amazing as you can see here. Getting into some hard spots with different filters, something bad had to happen. Lucky it wasn’t the worse. I didn’t fall, neither did my camera but I did lose my CPL and ND 0.6 filters. I would have checked my filters, I would have found out they were getting loose and I could have avoided this. A lesson for next time.

Also, looking behind us, we saw another waterfall. We decided to go explore. It was a hard hike. You will see pictures next week.


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