Frequently asked questions


How soon do I have to pay and register for classes?

Please, ensure to pay 7 days prior to the first day of the class.
If that deadline has past but the class hasn’t started, please contact me.

How old do you have to be to join in?

The youngest person I had was 11 years old. There isn’t a limit per say.
Make sure the student has a real interest in the class.
Please contact me if you are unsure.

Where are the classes located?

San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District
623 East 4th St
81101 Alamosa, CO
Please park in the parking lot and
enter through the side door in the back.


What do I need to bring?

Something to take notes and it’s never a bad idea to bring a camera with you.
Check the classes page to get detail information about what you need to bring.

How long are the classes?

Most classes are 3 parts of 2 hours each, make sure you can attend all of them.
Check the classes page to get detail information about their content and duration.

What form of payment is available?

Through the website, I access Credit and Debit card.
I’m using Stripe to provide secure payments.
If you desire to pay by cash or check please contact ahead of time.

Can I get my money back?

All classes are not refundable.
If you cannot attend to one part of the class, you are welcome to come back to that specific part in the next 12 month for free.

I lost my booklet, how can I get a new one?

Please contact me and I will get you one in exchange of $15.


How are we going to work together through that photo session?

I use different steps and they can be defined as the following:
Initial contact by phone, email or Facebook.
Discussion and research about the desired photo session, including subjects, locations, and pricing, etc.
The photo session itself, and payment is due. I am looking at the results and not at my watch, also I will show you the pictures as we take them. 
Photo editing, every good picture is fully edited. For example, on portraits,  I removed the blemishes on the skin but your skin will still look natural.
Review of the photographs by you and finals edit are being done.
Delivery of the digital pictures without any watermarks via Dropbox.

How many change of clothe?

It does not really matter but in order to make the photo session easier to manage, the limit would be 5.
If you desire more, feel free to contact me.

How many location can we use?

The location is normally planned ahead of time, but if for whatever reason it is not working and the time allows it, we will go to a different place.
If you desire more than one location, it should not be a problem if they are not too far away from each other.
In any case, feel free to contact me if you think there is something specific you would need.

When do I need to pay?

For portraits, you can pay the day of the photo session.
For weddings, you need to pay 50% for registration at least 6 weeks prior and the other 50% the day of the wedding.

Are prints included in the price?

I only provide the digital files, though if you desire I can sell you prints from professional printing labs.
If desired, I can propose prints of different types  (metal, canvas, etc.) and sizes.

What print lab to you recommend?

The lab I use personally that produce great prints at an affordable price is  Adoramapix. They are not sponsoring me but I do use them for personal use.

What equipment do I use?

Depending on the project, I use different types of lens, filters and if required, external lights and diffusers.
I can offer studio work as well to get that the more professional look you are looking for.
For weddings, I rent high-end lens to make sure I capture all the right moments.

For weddings, do you offer a list a possible pictures?

Yes I do, click on this link and print the document.
Make sure to give me this document filled up at our next appointment.