Finding motivation

For sure, it happened to all of us. We lost interest in photography. The easy to overcome that, we think, is to buy more gear which is usually a new lens. That’s called G.A.S. and I’ll write an article on that later on. But for now, what else can we do to get back on enjoying photography?

There is something so much more easy, cheaper and for sure more enjoyable! Go take some pictures with a photographer friend! Yes, it’s that simple.

I’ve been going with my friend Bob for several years now. We both used to own Nikon’s camera and we both made a switch to Sony mirrorless. What is nice about that is we can exchange our equipment and also share the knowledge of our cameras. In this picture, for example, Bob borrowed my Canon 80-200mm F4 L lens on his Sony A7 while I borrowed his Canon 135mm F2.8. It’s a lens I’m considering to buy so it was nice to give it a shot!

Not only that, we get to explore new areas together. Sometimes forcing each other to get up early to get that perfect shot. It’s a great way to stay motivated and to try things you wouldn’t have on your own. Also, you get to talk a lot about photography, camera gear, and editing pictures. What is interesting to see is how our pictures come out differently even though we took the same subject in our pictures. We are just a few feet apart, but the framing isn’t always the same. Editing the picture is different too.

It’s something I enjoy a lot and it gives me a break to the normal stressful life we all live.

Recently I have met with another photographer and we’re going to include him. I’m meeting someone else tonight and I hope we could make our group bigger. Also, I have my longest friend I wish one day we would have the time to do that too.

Passion should be shared. Photographer often thinks the only way is to post pictures. Sometimes, and more often that not, it’s in creating the picture I get the most out of sharing my passion.

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