Goldie Locks

Springs in the San Luis Valley is wonderful! You can get 18 inches of snow in one night, canceling schools and slowing everyone down in the morning. It doesn’t happen often but when it does the kids love it and the adults just deal with it. On the other hand, what we are getting every day of every spring is the visit of our enraged friend, the wind. It shows up around 9am and stays there, all day long, watches a long scary movie in the evening and finally decide to go to bed close to midnight.

What does have that have to do with photography? Everything if you are doing portraits. The only good time to keep the hair design the way is what met to be is to take pictures early in the morning. I had the chance to spend the first hour of the sunrise with a friend from a previous job. We took lots of pictures. Out of all this one is my favorite. I was using my trusty Minolta 35-70mm f3.5 mounted on my Sony NEX 6. One day, I really need to try my new Canon 80-200mm F4 L, but on my crop sensor, it makes 120-300mm which would put be further away from the model, not sure I would like that.


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