Help me choose my new logo!!!

I am trying to create a new logo, come to my facebook page to vote for it ( A winner will pick which will receive 20% off one of my prints or one on my classes.

I am looking for a bold, dynamic and light (as not heavy) logo. Also, I might not be looking for one that is linked only to photography. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll add something else other than photography.

Logo A:
Bold. Strong gray and the red colors makes it stand out anywhere.
Dynamic. The red arrows on the Y represent the movement.
Light. The logo is rather heavy.
Subject. Photography only logo.

Logo B:
Bold. Different fonts are beings used included a home made one for the Y. The dot is a 3D cube with 3 different shade of gray.
Dynamic. The arrows on the Y represent the movement.
Light. Airy design.
Subject. Symbolic, representing my initials. It has to be seen in large-format.

Logo C:
Bold. 3D isometric object with shadow.
Dynamic. The shadow represents time and something that can evolve and show different aspect.
Light. The logo is a bit heavy through the thickness of the lettering but still, shows lots of empty background.
Subject. Represent my first name. Should work good in small-scale for icon and watermark.

The B logo is the best, though I’m worried what it would look like at a small scale. I use a small-scale for the icon of my website, and my watermark is rather small too, I may have to do some testing there. My second will go to the Logo C and last go to the A since it’s not light and specific to photography.

Which one do you prefer?


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