How to choose my camera?

Whatever camera and lens combo you’ll end up buying it will deliver great pictures! That’s what cameras do; they are made to do that. It’s like picking a vehicle and expecting that some of them won’t be able to drive.

Of course, every brand and model bring something specific. For example, Canon is known for their L series lens and flash system, while Sony it’s for is sensors. On the other side, I love how Fuji design its camera and the attention given to them even after a newer product is release. On a Nikon camera, I always loved how it fit in my hand and the quality of their pictures. I remember Pentax, my first DSLR, and how amazed I was of what the camera could do.

So how did I pick my first DSLR? I spend a year looking at every detail of every picture of every camera I could find and I was nowhere of making a choice. I did some more reading and I came upon a few tips and I have followed them ever since.

Tip #1 – Hold the camera

The camera is going to be your tool, make sure you enjoy holding and that you can access easily all the buttons, dials and joysticks available. Also, try the menu system, they are all different, some well organized. I realized that Canon’s grip on their camera was too small for me but Pentax and Nikon were perfect!

Tip #2 – Talk with your friends

If friends or family already have a camera, it would be easier if you all had the same brand so you can exchange lens and flash, those being brand specific. My friend and I always had the same camera brand, either Nikon or Sony; we share out lens and knowledge of the camera.

Tip #3 – Look at the lens and flash system

If you think the camera is expensive, wait that you try to buy your first lens! Almost every type of lens is available for all brands of cameras but their cost can be very different. For example, the cheapest Pentax 50mm is $90 while Nikon’s version is $220. Also, prices are going up and this is where the camera’s manufacturer makes their money!

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