Missing nature

I love photography, the ability to capture a moment that will never exist again. Meeting people and discovering a part of their lives will they share their goals and hope for their future. Seeing how light touches and reflects on them right before taking their pictures. Celebrating a special moment in their life with their family and friends. Dressing up at their best for this special event. All those elements make me love photography.

It is also more than that. It is a form of cure that allows me to breathe and accepts what is and is not. For that cure to really work, I need to bring a camera where I connect back with nature and its beauty. I haven’t had the chance to do that for what it seems a very long time and my soul is seeking it. The week of Christmas, I’ll have the chance to do that again with a really good friend of mine that has become family.

This picture of this waterfall was taken this past summer. I love waterfalls, cannot wait for this summer to go back and discover some new ones!

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