My daughter

It has been a while since I took pictures of my kids, not that I’m not willing to. Like most photographers, usually, our kids don’t want to be our models. When they do they don’t try to pose the way we ask them to. This past Christmas, Kim Marquez took our family pictures and propose to use my daughter has a model. Of course, my daughter got in trouble since she didn’t want to do that for me! We waited for the right time and the right weather and we headed to Bob’s place to take a few pictures. With her, the photoshoot was short but we did manage to get some great pictures of her and her personality, which make it even better!

I love how the colors came out, her dress really stand out! Maybe next time I’ll have to try to shoot at something else than F1.2. It does a beautiful bokeh but I think I could get a bit more sharpness at F2.


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