Mystical find

It was a year ago or so, early spring, once the snow had melted than we decided to go and explore. I’ve heard of a waterfall in that area and decided it would be great to go find it. I didn’t calculate that well the distance we would have to cover or the number of times we would have to cross a wide and cold creek. At one point of our march, we did manage to see it far away. We had to hurry, the sun was rising up and soon would be right on top of the fall. Not a good situation for pictures or at least what I had in mind. Our walk became faster and we had to cross that same creek one more time again! We managed to get there and managed to be there at the right time. I’ve used my ND filter which helps those sun ray to show as well as they did. Carrying a tripod isn’t always fun, but I was so glad I did that this time. Crossing that creek was worth it even though I almost fell in a few times with all my equipment.

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