Sandhill Cranes

The Sandhill Cranes come by my house every morning and evening and stay on the field next to us. They aren’t very quiet, maybe the kids are complaining about their food. At least mine always do! I didn’t think a picture there would be nice since the landscape there is just fields.

On my way to work, I always see them standing at a large pond. Even though it’s right next to the road, they don’t move when I drive by. This morning, I finally decided to stop right before the pond and use my camera. Seeing me standing there made them feel insecure. They decided to flow away in small groups at a time. Perfect for me! It made the pictures even better.

Of course being able to get closer to them would have been nice too. The other option would be a bigger telephoto lens, don’t worry, it cost less than $2000! If all of you got together for my birthday, I could have it without any hassle.

I was happy with my setup, my beloved Fuji X-T2, my old manual lens the Canon 80-200mm F4 L and my freezing hands! Did a few edits with my Lightroom 6.

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