Shadows over the mountains

Cloudy day, misty morning and suddenly the sun starts to break through and covers the mountains with the shadows of the cloud above. You could still smell the wet grass. The wind blows slowly on your face reminding of the coldness of the previous night. The shadows move over the mountains and define all hills, cracks, and rocks. You can see everything. Your senses are awake and your mind travels down your own past to discover again the beauty of your young childhood. The memory of your grandparents garden and the smell of it after the rain, it all comes back. Throughout the day, you think again about that garden, about those happy and very simple moments and wonder.

Am I creating those memories for my own child? Am I too busy with work and the hypocrisy of that so called social media? What memories am I creating for them? I hope it’s not absence, or even worse forgotten. Is love just a feeling or is it a willing sacrifice? Many questions for a Monday morning, but maybe I need to try to answer some of them this week!


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