Soft light

Right before the sunset was about to start, the clouds provided that soft light with a still warm sun. The sun lighted up all the changing leaves while keeping the pin trees fairly dark. Sometimes, you get good pictures because you have your camera at the right time and right place. Is it luck? In somewhat yes, but in other ways, you are ready to be lucky since you have your camera with you.

Like most, I like to go hiking and enjoy the different views with my own eyes and like to travel freely. And again, I love capturing those moments and which means carrying my camera and diverse lens, filters, and accessories. I don’t get to hike as freely as I would want to but I get to capture the beauty in front of me and share it with all of you. I think I like that last part even more.

Always have your camera with you! It’s a habit to get used to doing but it will be worth it. It’s better to take a picture of mediocre quality than none at all, use your phone too!

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