To infinity and beyond

Mountaintops give you such a nice view of nature’s fierce history of the earth. All of those history events are made by force but of different kinds. Some rocks pushing against each other with long lasting brute force and shaking violently. Others, move slowly through the rocks to calm and soothe them down along the way, creating huge canyons before dying slowly into a small river. All of that brings colors and contrast to what we see from up there. It’s so beautiful. There aren’t many great landscapes without any physical force from our part to reach the top and see nature’s marvelous work.

I love landscape and enjoy as much the journey to go and immortalize them. If I take the time, I can either get sunset and sunrise. The light then embellishes the view. With its warm colors both on the ground and in the sky, pink and orange changes what we normally see. I need to be doing that more this summer, just hoping to have the time to do so.

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