Unknown future

Opening my eyes I was suddenly here with no notion of my past. I felt weak, being barely able to get off the ground. My knees were shaking, my vision still blurry. After a few moments of slow movements, I managed to stand, not straight but stand nevertheless. From the bright light I saw, I was finally able to see what was in front of me. Several old feeling rushed inside me without any knowledge of their truthfulness.

This valley had lived through an immense amount of suffering and death that the air was still carrying its mark.  I could barely breathe or make a sound just thinking about it. I looked forward, into those mountains and a strong impression fell upon me I needed to go there. Into the trees, through the creek, between the rocks and above the summit all the way to the other side I had to journey. The more I thought about it, the mort my determination was getting stronger and stronger as if people’s future depended on it, or what is my own? With my fists tight, I march straight ahead not knowing where exactly neither why.

I stopped and drank some of that water. It was cold and tasted like mud. One more look at those mountains and my body headed even faster towards them. My mind had lots of questions, trying to analyze why, who, when and where of all of this. My soul and heart only wanted only one thing, to move forward until that horizon would be behind me.

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