Update on the new class

Some of you might be wondering when this new class about studio light will come out, I have some updates for you! But first, let me tell you all the different steps I have to go through to prepare a new class, it takes lots of time and research in order to provide a class the flows properly and easy to understand.

I have made changes in the last 2 years of my 101 – Master the camera class. Lately, I’ve included some small workshop in the middle of each class to practice what has been taught. Also, I have reorganized the content to give it more sense and to lighten the technical subjects I used to share at the very beginning. So for those coming to the class next week, you will get those changes.

To prepare a class, it starts way ahead of time and some processes are ongoing throughout the preparation of the class and even in the years afterward to always provide you with the best knowledge and classes I can. Here is a not exhaustive list of the steps I go through:

  1. Research of a subject that would interest people to learn and use to grow their photography business.
  2. Lots and lots of reading, youtube watching, and practicing to understand the subject.
  3. More research to find better and easier information to share so that everyone can understand.
  4. Creating the course by defining what element will be taught in which order, it’s on ongoing process.
  5. Work on a powerpoint as a base of the class.
  6. Looking and creating images, graphs, and diagram to give you a visual of what is being taught.
  7. Preparing the booklet that sums up the class.
  8. Seeking possible workshops we could be doing in class, no matter the time and season.
  9. Buying extra equipment to do those workshops in class, and practicing them at home.
  10. Final review and setting a price for the class.
  11. Updating my website describing the content of the class.
  12. Scheduling a class and inviting you to join in.
  13. Teaching that first class, listening to comments and seeking ways to improve the class.
  14. Final adjust to the booklet, have it printed and given to those who came to that first class.

So for the new class, I’m finishing G and H this month and I will start I and J in May. The schedule of the class should be either before the 4th of July or after. Again, it will be a class in 3 parts of 2 hours each, though the last one will mainly be workshops so it might last longer.

Don’t worry, this class is coming along very well and everything look like it will be on time for this early summer. Next, will be to redo part of the 301 – Master your vision to offer a conclusion to those classes. I’m also planning to add workshops to cover different subjects of photography that you could you for you hobby and business. Stay tuned!!!


    • ydefaye says:

      I will Mara, the classes will be posted on my website as well as on Facebook.
      I’ll contact you when I’ll know of the dates.

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