301 - Master your vision

You already know how to use your camera equipment and take great pictures with it and you have realized you are not progressing anymore. This is where this class will help you, it will focus on how we look at a scene and what can be done to improve it before even taking the picture by using different techniques. You will learn to analyze other photographers work as well as your own to understand what and how you need to modify your photography to create your own style. By learning those different elements you will be able to direct the viewer’s eyes and bring interest to your photography.

The cost is $xxx (TDB) for the 3 part of the class and its booklet (summary and visual aid).

1st part (2 hours)

  • How to use complementary colors to improve the contrast of the image
  • How to use depth in the picture to avoid a flat look
  • Direct the viewer's eyes to what you want them to see

2nd part (2 hours)

  • Ansel Adams zone system to have a picture well exposed and balanced
  • How to analyze photography to learn from other artists
  • Best types of prints that will enhance your pictures

3rd part (2 hours)

  • Defining types, genres and styles you can adhere to
  • How to define your own style by learning from other photographers
  • How to plan a photoshoot and the different lights of sunsets and sunrises
For all part of the class please bring your camera, lens, camera manual and something to take notes with will be needed for every class. And for each part bring the following:
  • 1st part: bring 2-3 of your favorite pictures you took.
  • 2nd part: bring back your homework.
  • 3rd part: bring back your homework.
San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District
623 East 4th St
81101 Alamosa, CO
Please park in the parking lot and
enter through the side door in the back.


Please return to the Schedule and payment page to check both when the next class will happen and to make payment.

The cost is non-refundable, which includes the class in 3 parts, a detailed booklet summary, and the registration fee.

Payment must be submitted at the beginning of the first class by cash or check to the order of "Yael DeFaye".

Online payment should be ready in May 2017.