How do I work?

Thank you for reaching this page and thinking about hiring me as you photographer for your next project. You will find below information about my workflow and the benefits of working with me.

  • Initial contact by phone, email or Facebook.
  • Discussion and research about the desired photoshoot, including subjects, locations, and pricing, etc.
  • The photoshoot itself, I am looking at the results not at my watch, and payment due.
  • Photo editing, every good picture is fully edited. For example, on portraits,  I removed the blemishes on the skin but your skin will not look like plastic like some certain apps on phones do. 
  • Review of the photographs by you and finals edit are being done.
  • Delivery of the digital pictures without any watermarks via Dropbox.

We live in a digital world on our smartphones, social media, and diverse devices we use every day. This is why I provide you with the digital file, at full resolution, and without watermarks.

If you do need professional printing, I can offer those to you. It could be canvas, metal, acrylic, posters, etc. I’m connected to several labs and could have it deliver directly to your address of choice.

If you are looking for normal prints, I would recommend Adoramapix, which provides currently the best quality-price ratio of the market. They are not sponsoring me but I do use them for personal use.

Depending on the project, I use different types of lens, filters and if required, external lights and diffusers. I can offer studio work as well to get that the more professional look you are looking for.