101 - Master the camera

Outline: Exposure and histogram | Dynamic range and HDR | Metering and Focus modes | Composition rules and guidelines | Exposure Triangle: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture (f-stop) | Low and fast shutter speed situation | Different ways to control the depth of field | Night sky and Macro photography | Review of filters, tripods, and lens
Level: Beginner
Duration: 3 parts of 2 hours each
Cost: $120 for 6 hours and a summary booklet
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102 - RAW Photo Editing

Outline: Importing pictures from camera | Organize pictures in folders and how to find them | Getting the right exposure | Expending the dynamic range | Recovering Highlight and Shadows | Adding details and removing noise | Convert in black and white | Split toning and other color adjustment | Export pictures for print and social media
Level: Beginner
Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $30
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201 - Master the light

Outline: Using flash on camera | Light attachment, diffusers, and reflectors | Inverse square law | Three point lighting setup | Basic light setup for portrait | How does a flash work with a camera | Using the flash with natural lights | Using gels and High Speed Sync or ND filters | 2-3 hours Workshop on Product and Portrait photography
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 3 parts of 2 hours each
Cost: $180 for 6-7 hours and a summary booklet
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202 - Posing and directing

Coming soon

301 - Master your vision

Outline: Use complementary colors to improve the contrast of the image | Use depth in the picture to avoid a flat look | Direct the viewer's eyes to what you want them to see | Learn Ansel Adams zone system for pictures well exposed and balanced | Define your own style by learning from other photographers | Business and Social Media overview
Level: Advanced
Duration: 3 parts of 2 hours each
Cost: $250 for 6 hours and a summary booklet
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302 - Photoshop

Coming soon


- The brand new 201 - Master the light class will be given for the first time in July at a discounted price of $180. Come and join us! The places are limited.

- The next time the 102 - Photo editing workshop will be given, one computer screen calibration per student will be offered for the small amount of $10.

- In August I will be working on the 301 - Master your vision and adding a business and social media section to help you improve your online presence and income.

Latest post

To the lake

After all those amazing stops, we managed to get to the lake we were aiming for. It was pretty gray nevertheless, we did get the ray of light once in a while. Which lit up the ground and gave dimension to the already amazing location. The light wasn’t what I imagined, I was hoping for …

First stop

That was it, the first time we stopped on our way to Williams Reservoir. As you remember, we loved the light that was coming through the big storming clouds. I had my wide angles on to try to capture this gorgeous scenery. It wasn’t wide enough to see what needed to be seen. Yes, I …

Winding road

We were heading towards a lake. Hoping to be able to get some good lights in-between the stormy clouds before it took over all the sky. We saw those rolling hills and could see the shadows of the clouds and the light passing through them to hit the unleveled ground. We had to stop! Yes, …

Fabulous family reunion

A few weeks ago, I received a call from a friend of a friend who wanted family pictures at his cabin. It has his family and his extended family there. Some of them couldn’t make it to the family reunion but they had a group of 26 of them together. They were all lovely to …

Summer storm

The weather has been so amazing this week with those beautiful storms. Bob and I had to go somewhere to take pictures. We decided to go beyond our San Luis Valley and head towards Pagosa. We took lots of pictures. Meaning lots of editing time need to be done, and that’s always fun. I was …

Alamosa Air Show No More

Yesterday, someone requested if I knew when the Alamosa air show was going to happen. I though it would be late July. I contact a friend to see what he has heard. The sad news is there won’t be one next year and there is no plan has of yet to bring it back. I …

An old journey

I like revisiting old pictures and test my new photo editing skills on them. Trying to make them look what I remember is a challenge. New technics can help you do recreate that look. I like the roughness of the mountains tops. It gives then texture and shows their old age. It’s a great contrast with …

A long hike

This was an unexpected, we turned around and saw this waterfall. Well, it did look smaller at the time so we decided to head that way. The trail didn’t exist, we knew a few went there but most of it, we had to make our trail. We ended crossing a creek so we could get …

11,760 feet

11,760 feet high. We thought we could get there by truck but the top of the mountain still had snow. We had to climb hard and we could feel the rarity of the oxygen. The view was just amazing. We’ll have to get back and take a sunrise and sunset pictures there once the snow …

Exploring day

Finally, the day came where we could both go out and explore an area. We had a few places we wanted to check out while leaving open to anything that could seem interesting. We went to an overlook at 11,760 ft. Due to the snow that was still on top, we had to hike part …