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About Yaël DeFaye

Thank you for your interest in my photography! My name is Yael DeFaye, I was born in Paris and spent my first 29 years in Europe. I’ve traveled to different continents and have enjoyed learning from different cultures and people. At the end of 2006, I arrived in the San Luis Valley, Colorado with my little family that has since grown. I became a US citizen in April 2012.

The part that may interest you the most might be my passion for photography. I bought my first digital camera at the beginning of the century while traveling in Hong Kong, and in 2007 I bought my first DSLR. I still remember the first time I brought the camera in front of me and looked through the viewfinder. I have spent years learning photography with failures and some great successes.

With that, I started teaching photography in January 2015 to the local community and, offered different classes and workshops to help improve both people's hobbies and personal photography businesses.